Mission & Vision

Vision Statement

  1. To assist in formulating appropriate public policy
    • based on the ethos, values and need of India that are self sustainable in the long term and Growth with Equity
    • to achieve International excellence in every field.
  2. Create a livable & better world to be handed over to the future generations.
  3. Inculcate Value System in the society through Arts & Cultural events.
  4. To achieve International excellence in Sports through Sports events, Identify potential talents & Groom.
  5. Build a society with Responsible Citizenry through Discussions & Seminars and through Consumer Awareness programs to create awareness on both the Rights & Responsibilities of the Citizens.
  6. To assist in creating a Clean & Healthy environment and to create awareness on this subject.
  7. To assist in achieving Progress with Equity through appropriate policy recommendations & implementation procedures.
  8. To achieve Inclusive Growth through appropriate policy recommendations
  9. Build a NEW & VIBRANT INDIA by engaging in Nation Building and to involve youth on this effort.

Mission Statement

To engage in Public Policy Analysis and to organise Awareness meetings.

Engage in organising Arts & Music events and Sports events. Highlighting the Cultural / Historical heritage of our Country

Organising seminars, exhibitions and meetings in the areas of Trade & Commerce, Industry, Water Management, River Integration, Skill Development, Food Processing and other fields.

To Create Network of Individuals & Organisations to achieve the Objectives in the fields of Public Policy, Sports, Arts & Music, Consumer Awareness, Industry & Professional service and other areas.

Engage in the Media activities and to set Narrative and to connect with the people.

Motivating Individuals & Organisations by giving awards and organising competitions & quiz for students.