About Swatantra

Swatantra was established by a group of like minded people in the year 2011 as an informal forum with the Objective to carry on public policy analysis based on the need & ethos of India and to create awareness & sensitise the people on issues of public importance. We have submitted our recommendations & suggestions on Budgets, Railways, Niti Aayog, Safety of School Vehicles, Water Management, Renewable Energy, etc., during the past few years. Some of our input were considered by the Policy makers. To carry out our future plans, we have decided to convert the informal activities as a Trust and thus born Swatantra Foundation in 2019.

We have done many awareness meetings on many subjects, including Economy, Agriculture, Water Management, Budget talks, Ancient Indian History, Preventive Health Care, etc., through our forum and
also jointly with other like minded organisations.

The forum was formed in memory of one of the greatest statemen of India Bharat Ratna. C. Rajagopalachari, who was a visionary. His ideas of Free Market Regulated Economy, for which he has done so much during 1950s to 1972 until his death, was realised and implemented only in the year 1991.

His idea of Technical Education based education system, which he introduced in the Tamil Nadu State as Chief Minister of Madras in the year 1952 could not be implemented but the current National Education Policy 2020 has the same Technical Education system and other features articulated by Rajaji.

The forum was formed with an idea to bring before the people of India the achievements and ideas of great people like Rajaji to create intellectual wisdom and to shape public policy through this thought process.

As a forum, we have organised more than 100 programs from 2011 to 2019 – on our own as well as jointly with like minded organisations.

During the process we have started networking with like minded organisations in every field – think tanks. industry forums & associations, cultural associations, libraries, etc.,

Meanwhile we have also done a few sports programs to support and groom potential talents in this segment.

In the year 2019 we have decided to convert the informal forum as a legal entity and thus born SWATANTRA FOUNDATION, a Non-Profit Trust. The idea of creating a Trust is to do more programs with sponsorship support as a Non-Profit Trust.

Eminent personalities such as Sri. T. S. Krishnamurthy, Former Chief Election Commissioner, Sri. M.R. Sivaraman, IAS Retd., Sri. M.S. Sundara Rajan, Former CMD, Indian Bank. Sri. S. Seetharaman, Industrialist, Sri. G. Subramanian, FCA, Maj. Gen. Prasad [Retd], Cdr. R.S. Vasan, IN Retd., Sri. R. Rajagopalan, Senior Media Person from Delhi, Sri. R. Natarajan, Former Political Advisor to American Consulate and a Writer cum Columnist have graciously agreed to support us by being members of the Advisory Board.

Sri. S. Ramasubramanian, Entrepreneur together with Sri. G. Krishnan, Sri. N. Muthuraman, Sri. Ramesh Sethuraman and Sri. M. Rajaram are the Trustees at present.

Swatantra Foundation, a Non-Profit Trust to benefit the Public was formed with Six Vertical Objectives. They are…..

  1. To shape public policy and to create awareness on issues of International, National & Regional importance.
  2. To support Industry & Commerce through EXPOs, Seminars and meetings
  3. To Support Arts & Music through concerts & lectures
  4. To support Sports by organising International format sports event, support, identify & groom talents
  5. Setting Narrative and to reach people through our Web TV
  6. Involve in Consumer Awareness activities

Since 2019 we have done around 12 programs in the field of public policy & arts and culture. We have also organised a few programs in associations with like minded organisations.

Swatantra Foundation will also be instituting awards in memory of great personalities from the year 2020. The purpose is to motivate individuals & organisations to do their duty in the dharmic way for the benefit of the society.